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Secure your computer with Password Protection
while monitoring programs that are running in the background.
(For Windows 95/98/ME)

New in Version 1.10 (April 1, 2004):
Dual-monitor support

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Also available: Support for Windows 2000/NT/XP

How to secure your computer system:

  1. Select "Password Lock Transparent" as your current screensaver.

  2. Enable password protection. (see below for details)

  3. PLT is a "transparent" screensaver, so you can monitor programs that are running on your computer. Open programs will be displayed in the background, even when your screensaver kicks in.

  4. Any attempts to access your computer while the PLT screensaver is running (by typing a key or moving the mouse), will display a message box to request the password.

  5. PLT will be enabled automatically at a preset time interval (just like a regular screensaver), or you can run it immediately by clicking on the quick-launch icon in the Windows Tool Tray:
    Quick-Launch Icon

  6. NEW in Version 1.10: support for dual-monitor system configurations.

Relax in the knowledge that your computer is secure.

Who Needs the "Password Lock" Transparent Screen Saver?

Anyone who needs to Password Protect access to their computer system.

PLT is a "transparent" screensaver - so you can still monitor the programs that are running. This is ideal for:

  • System Administrators: control access to printer servers, while allowing users to view print jobs. Or, protect workstations from unauthorized access.

  • Retail Stores: control access to computers on display while running demos.

  • Kiosks: prevent system access while continuing to display information.

  • Tradeshow Demos: prevent system access while continuing to display demos.

  • Email or instant message users: monitor incoming messages, while restricting access to your computer.

  • Live Stock Quotes users: monitor real-time stock quotes, while restricting access to your computer.

  • and much more!

How to enable Password Protection:

  • Access the Windows Display Properties Menu: right-click on your Windows desktop, and select "properties".

  • On the Screen Saver tab, check the box next to "Password Protected" and click Change.

  • Type the password you want to use in both boxes. Do not leave the boxes empty.

  • Click OK.

  • Click OK.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, or ME
  • 1MB of free disk space
  • 16MB of RAM

Screen Shot

The "Password Lock" Transparent Screensaver is simple to install. Please see the following screenshot:


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